Tuesday, May 24, 2016

I am Google Certified

Even though it is 12:43am, I can't sleep because I am so excited and I have to share the news!!

I am an official Google Certified Educator!  Sometimes we deserve a pat on the back from ourselves and that is exactly what happened this afternoon for me.  I kept putting this exam off because I was nervous that I might not know enough to take this exam, even though I felt confident in many areas. I did review the training section in the training center and felt confident.  I signed up and once I logged into the test and noticed the start button, the good ole' test anxiety set in.  However, once I pushed the start button on this exam, I took a deep breath and just treated it like any other day at the office and was confident in myself. Confidence is key! I begin to feel comfortable and relaxed which helped me pass this exam. 

I'm very excited to continue this journey that will lead to my main goal of becoming a Google Innovator.  Being an educator is a personal journey of constantly learning.  Being a Tech Integration Specialist for the past 2 years, I have enjoyed helping others learn new skills and integrate them into classrooms.  I continue to learn better ways to accomplish so many different tasks everyday.  This will only continue to help me grow as an educator to better prepare our teachers/students in the classrooms. 

If you are wondering about the Level 1 exam, my suggestion is to study for your Google Certification.  You need to review the training sessions until you feel comfortable with all areas.  Join us in continuing our education as educators!