Thursday, February 2, 2017

Sketchboard - The endless online whiteboard

In today's world, are you only working from one location?  Or are you working from home, office, co-workers office, coffee shop, etc..,?  Exactly...right?! I know, I read your mind because we always seem to be working from various locations and multi-tasking with students and colleagues.  However, it seems like there is a tool missing to get our point across to others at times.

In the past, local meetings were easy to explain and you received quick feedback with face-to-face interaction.  However, in today's world our remote meetings can sometimes be hard to explain or visualize.  We want to continue to be productive, but we are still somewhat limited with chat applications, screen sharing, and even shared documents.  Our students are also facing these very same issues.  If you are feeling this very same way, then I want to encourage you to give Sketchboard a try!

If you are looking for collaboration with visual representation for teams, then you need to check out Sketchboard.  It is an endless online whiteboard that has an endless list of possibilities that can work for students and teachers alike.  Are you also a Slack fan? You can also visual message on Slack with Sketchboard.

Check out the YouTube video for a quick overview and some key features.

Can you imagine what your students could create or the productive workflow for remote meetings?

The sketchboard interface has many options to choose from to create your workflow:

Sketchboard Pricing: Click here for more info.

Here are a few examples of the pricing options below: (You can also request educational pricing)
  • Free - Up to 5 Users - 3 private boards - Unlimited public boards
  • Personal: $7/month 1 user
  • Organization: $9/month per user
  • Team: $36/month - 7 users
I hope that you will find this tool helpful in your next collaborative meeting.

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