Thursday, August 3, 2017

New Year - Transformative Teaching

Transformative Teaching

What is transformative teaching?  Is it simply putting devices in students hands? Is it simply talking about visiting places that you are studying? Is it saying we are on our device several times a day? What is so transformative about having the device in their hands? Creating a culture for innovation and change involves so much more than surface level thinking and planning.  It is constructivist pedagogy.
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I want to begin this year on a transformative platform and build experiences for students. I want to see students actively engaged. Students need hands-on experiences where they analyze, create, interpret, use background knowledge, etc.., This is the type of learning that we are missing in our classrooms that create a learning culture where students are asking the tough questions of how, who, what, where, when, and why and then actually figuring it out. We need to allow them to solve real-world problems and become thinkers and doers.  Technology comes into play as that tool for transformative teaching.  It allows us to dive deeper in helping us solve our problems but there needs to be a balance.  I'm excited to begin this year and see how transformative teaching can lead to more student success.

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