Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Begin your PLN (Professional Learning Network) with Twitter

Helping you build your PLN...

Twitter is more than just “another social networking tool.”  It’s about connecting with like-minded educators for personalized and ongoing professional development.

To sign up for Twitter, go to twitter.com and create a username. Don’t make your username too long and make it something that identifies you. 
Ex: john_tweet, johntweet, johntweet5, etc..,

Watch below video:

Before you follow others, you should complete your bio and add profile picture.  This will help others identify you and follow you back.

Follow People
Once you join, set up bio, and add your profile picture you are ready to follow people.  I recommend using this for educational purposes only.  This will be like your own personalized professional learning network with other educators all over the world.   If you need help watch this video.  

Follow me@BrookeHallTIS
Get started with these:

If you need more detailed help - Educator's Ultimate Guide
 -Video (upload profile photo, twitter headers, and edit your profile)
 -Video (how to post first tweet)
 -Video (learn how to follow others)
 -Video (learn how to reply, retweet, and engage in Twitter conversation)
 -Learn about Twitter Language

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