Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Symbaloo - Bookmarking Tool

What is Symbaloo?

Symbaloo is a free social bookmarking tool. Pro versions are available, but will cost you $10 a month.  It is a fun and simple way to organize and store all those digital resources in the cloud. 

Check it out: www.symbaloo.com

How can Symbaloo help teachers?

Symbaloo will allow teachers to curate content and share the very best websites with students.  Teachers can create boards about a certain subject, lesson, or topic they are covering in class. Teachers can create a webmix - store all your links and share it one time with your students, and all your students will get automatic updates when you make changes. 
As many schools move to a 1:1 or BYOD environment,  teachers are required to use technology in the classroom.  Many teachers begin to find a ton of resources online, but have no way to organize for student use or to share with others.  Symbaloo is the answer to this daunting task.

Symbaloo is very easy to use and keeps your resources organized.  

Ways to use Symbaloo in the Classroom

1.  Share Symbaloo with Students and Parents

Share links with students and parents one time, and they will get automatic updates when you make changes or add new links.

2.  Embed a Symbaloo (Webmix) in your Classroom Website or Blog

You can embed your Symbaloo into your websites to share all your favorite websites/links with your students.  Sixth graders sharing their Symbaloo with the world below in the image.  

3.  Create Real Products for a Real Audience

Students can create their own Symbaloo and share their learning space with their most used websites, such as their blog, social networking sites, classroom blog, and school website. They can also embed presentations, videos, and google docs into their webmix.  This would be a great way for students to share info about a topic they are researching.

By having students create their own Symbaloo they are not searching all over the web for their content everyday because it is all in one place.  This will save a teacher time in the classroom from having to constantly wait until everyone gets to the website or video.

Video of a student explaining how she uses Symbaloo:

4.  Professional Development Sites for Teachers

Use Symbaloo to share teacher resources with others and cut down the hours of searching for great sources to use with your students.

5.  Digital Portfolios/Student Work

Use a Symbaloo to showcase student work and check out #symchat- SymbalooEDU Twitter chat.  This Twitter chat discusses how to share students' digital portfolio.  If you are not a part of Twitter then you are missing out on a wealth of information for teachers.

6.  Create Classroom Playlist (Videos)

If you use videos in your classroom and you are not using Symbaloo, then you are wasting a lot of valuable time.  Cut down the time trying to type in a website or have students search for a video.  You can create a webmix with your video playlist and embedded within your Symbaloo.  The videos will open up from the Symbaloo platform and 

Ted Talks Playlist with Symbaloo:

7.  Create customized Lesson Plans with Symbaloo

Teachers can create a Symbaloo covering subject areas or particular lessons they are studying in class.

All about Math

Language Arts


How do you Symbaloo?? Leave a comment and let us know how you use Symbaloo.  

Want to get started trying Symbaloo?  Sign up for a free account!!

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