Friday, April 17, 2015

Create Online Courses - Classmill

If you are looking for a platform to create online courses, look no further than Classmill!

Classmill allows users to create self-paced online courses.  These courses allow the user to create public or private (invitation-only) courses. Classmill allows you accessibility options with open class, join only, invite only and paid class (coming soon). Once you sign up you can explore other courses that have been created.  These courses can help give you an idea of how to set-up your course and get you started.In designing your course you create an introduction and set up modules to teach your course.  You can also have discussions along with your modules.  

Within your modules you can include text, images, videos, links, and file attachments.  At this time, I do not see a limit on how many modules you can create. 

The courses on Classmill can be designed in many ways and for many purposes.  I can see many courses being designed for professional development, summer enrichment courses, and units that can be broken into modules during the school year.

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