Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Kahoot is a great way to create discussion, collaboration, and real-time learning in the classroom. Create an account at Kahoot It and begin making your first Kahoot. Student do not have to create an account to participate in your Kahoot, but they can create an account to make their own Kahoot.

There a 3 types of Kahoot's that can created:

  1. Quiz - Most common type of Kahoot, with a game-based approach to blended learning.  There is not limit to the number of questions in a quiz.  Each question can have an associated picture or video, and 2-4 multiple choice answers.  There must be at least one correct answer (but more can be chosen), and the time-limit for each question can be individually set from 5 seconds to 2 minutes.  This can be a great way to formatively assess the knowledge of each individual and adapt their learning accordingly.  The players answer will be displayed at the front of the room on the screen, this will motivate to answer correctly and score the most points.  The faster someone answers a question correctly, the more points they get.  The top 5 highest points scorers are displayed on the leaderboard on the screen in-between each question, and the top winner is shown at the end.  You will receive results at the end of who answered what for each question.  This can also be downloaded afterwards.
  2. Discussion - Facilitation a conversation with your students.  These are simple one quick question with no right or wrong answer, which can have associated picture or video and 2-4 alternative answers.  Discussion could be used to gather opinions on an array of topics.
  3. Survey - There are no limits to the number of questions in a survey.  Each question can have an associated picture or video, and 2-4 multiple choice answers.  However, there are no right or wrong answers.  They are just like traditional surveys except questions are asked in real-time to those present who answer on their personal devices.  All survey results can be downloaded at the end.
You also have the option to re-order questions by dragging and dropping them into place.  You can see the time limit that you have set on each question.  Before finishing you can fill in more info about your Kahoot such as Language, Privacy Settings, Primary Audience, Description, Difficulty Level, and tags.  You will then be given an option to add a cover image for your Kahoot.  

Once you press Play Now, you will be taken to the screen that will give you the 'Game Pin' to share with your students.  The students will use this link: kahoot.it to enter the Game Pin. Once the students begin to join, you will see their name appear on your screen.  I would suggest displaying this screen for everyone to see.  You are ready to walk your students through your Kahoot!  Download the results at the end to see their individual results.

Enjoy Kahoot!!

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