Thursday, June 25, 2015

Motivate 2 Educate

"Get motivated by others and pay it forward by motivating the world!! You never know who is watching!!"- Brooke Hall

When was the last time you felt motivated about teaching?  When was the last time you felt motivated about technology in your classroom?  If you haven't been motivated lately, you need to join in on the motivation happening across the world!!  I have met so many educators so alive and motivated to educate students.  It's very infectious and gets me motivated.  It's happening right here at home in our state of Indiana.

 I am constantly being motivated and encouraged by so many people all over the world through technology and the connections that I continue to make!  I want to challenge and encourage you (educators, parents, students, etc..,) to join social media and build your PLN today.  Allow others to see where your learning lives.  We live in a world where millions of people can connect, share, collaborate, and impact others minute by minute. Remember the things that are possible with technology...
  • Your learning is important and sharing something that you learned today, might just be what someone else is looking for
  • A student's portfolio/resume has no limitation and they could land the career of their dreams
  • A classroom can connect with a another classroom across the world to communicate and learn about and share their culture
  • Take a virtual field trip with your class
  • Collaborate on the same Google Doc for a group project
  • Create opportunities for students that would not be possible without technology
  • Stay connected and up-to-date on the latest tools and resources
  • So many more opportunities just waiting to be explored...

Build your PLN: (Join today)

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