Monday, July 20, 2015

The Iceberg Illusion

Failing is not an option in my book. It's a learning process that will make each of us smarter because of it. Understanding that being a lifelong learner results in being uncomfortable sometimes, is a good sign you are on the right path to success!!

I shared this Sketchnote by Sylvia Duckworth with the teachers at my district because I wanted them to think about 'Success" and what it truly means.  Sometimes we get so busy that we forget that success doesn't happen overnight.  We attend conferences and see all the amazing teachers, admins, and classrooms being transformed but we get discouraged and give up because we forget to ask the question..."How did they get there?"  Their schools and classrooms did not transform overnight. There was hard work involved and many failures before they found what worked best for them. Sometimes, many think that reading a few articles, downloading a few apps, and putting a device in our students hands will result in our classroom being transformed in a week or a month.  

Take a look at the below Sketchnote (Credit:Sylvia Duckworth) and really think about all the pieces that go into being successful.

SketchNote Credit: Sylvia Duckworth
We need to remember to dig down deep and look at the root of success to see what it really takes. There is hard work, sacrifice, disappointment, persistence, developing good habits, and a dedication involved in being successful that no one may never see.  However, by sharing and owning those failures, learning from disappointments, being that persistent educator, and developing those good habits will result in a successful, engaging environment where students witness what success looks like!!  Be that educator that understands what it takes to be successful and begin constructing your iceberg today!

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